NXTCRAFT Moderator Application Round 4

NXTCRAFT Moderator Application | ROUND 4

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We look for mature dedicated players to become moderators on NXTCRAFT! Please fill out all the questions below truthfully and with as much detail as possible!

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Answer the following questions honestly. We want to know YOUR opinion not the right answer.

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Moderator Rules/Guidelines

  • Staff members must put other players before them. If there is a player in need, your job is to help them before playing yourself.
  • Staff members must talk at a professional level. You represent NXTCRAFT.
  • Always try and be positive, even when you are annoyed. I know this may be hard sometimes, but no one likes a player with a negative attitude. Especially staff members.

The Approval Process

Once you have submitted this application, someone will review it. If we think you would make a good moderator, we will start to watch you in game. If we would like you to join the team, we'll send you an email at the you provided. 

From the date we sent the email, you have 7 days to either accept or deny. If you accept,  you'll become a Jr-Mod. A Jr-Mod basically handles questions and chat related problems. At the end of one week of you being a Jr-Mod we will decide if you should stay as Jr-Mod or go back as a player.

We handle the Approval Process very seriously so it may take longer than you anticipated. Please do not ask us about your application as it annoys us and will dramatically decrease your chances on join the staff team. Thank you for understanding.

Due to the amount of Moderator Applications we receive, we unfortunately don't have the time to send out rejection letters.

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