Winners Announced!

Here are the winners of the We Turn One contest! On May 4th, 2013 about 10:00 PST, we used RANDOM.ORG to generate the winners.

Thanks to everyone who entered! We are looking in to doing more contests in the near future!

ExplodingWolf » 16 Villager Spawn Eggs!

Iamnotaname14 » Enderpack

andilard » Gold Rank (30 days)

EmeraldTechie » Emerald Rank (30 days)

Momo3638 » $5 Amazon Gift Card!

NXTCRAFT was founded on May 10th 2012, which is about one year ago. In over one year we have improved so much! The pictures on the right side show what NXTCRAFT's spawn looked like when we first launched last year.

We'd like to thank all our Early Supporters for supporting us when we first launched and you can still see some of them online today. Since then we've made many changes to improve NXTCRAFT such as a our website, Premium ranks and services, multiple new plugins, new ranks, new spawns and much more.

But we're not going to stop here. We have plans on improving NXTCRAFT even further to reach our goal of creating the best Minecraft Gaming Experience. We are in the process of creating this new website, new in-game features, and more that we'll be announcing soon.

We've come a long way but none of this was possible without you, our community! To show our thanks, we are running our first give-a-way contest! No purchase is necessary to enter! Just fill out the entry form below! (The entry form will open .)

» $5 Amazon Gift Card! $5.00 value

» Emerald Rank (30 days) $4.95 value

» Gold Rank (30 days) $2.95 value

» Enderpack $1.95 value

» 16 Villager Spawn Eggs! $1.45 value

Entry Form!

The entry form has been closed! We'll hold an electronic draw on May 4th, 2013 to choose 5 potencial winners.

Contest Closed!

Congragulations to Momo3638, EmeraldTechie, andilard, Iamnotaname14 and ExplodingWolf for winning the We Turn One contest!

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