NXTCRAFT Server Rules

Listed on this page are the NXTCRAFT server rules. Please take time to review them and follow them. We count on our players to act mature so we do not need to increase the number of rules or enforce them more than necessary.

No Griefing. Peroid.

We are not a full on factions, raiding and griefing server. We are a friendly survival Minecraft server. Although PvP is enabled at night, griefing is never allowed.

Griefing means the action of destroying someone else's buildings, farms, structures or anything else that they made. If you are unsure if what you are doing is griefing, it's probably best not to do it. ;)

Keep the chat clean.

No swearing, sexism, rasism, harrasing players or staff members, or anything like this. We are a friendly gaming community. There is no need to use inappropriate language to have fun.

Do not build single towers or other unsightly structures.

Probably like everyone else, we like our world to look nice. Don't do silly things like make a 1x1 tower, flood a forest, etc.

Do not use Client Mods that give you an unfair advantage.

Don't use transparent texture packs, cheat clients or anything else that would give you an unfair advantage. Minimap mods or OptiFine are allowed.

Do not create unnatural mob spawners.

This means do not create a dark room for monsters to spawn in, iron golem farms, or anything else along these lines.

Do not advertise other sites or servers.

Keep the chat discussion related to NXTCRAFT. Do not advertise other sites or servers. Large sites such as Google, Bukkit, or Youtube Channels are alright.

Failing to follow these rules can result in a ban from our Minecraft Server.

All rules are subject to change. Final decisions are decided by staff members.