Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rank up/promoted?

Ranks on NXTCRAFT are automatically given based on the about of play time. Type /ontime to see how long you have been playing. You can read more about ranks here.

NXTCRAFT is offline!

First check our Server Status on our main page. That will tell the live status of NXTCRAFT. If you still can't connect, check the Minecraft Service Statuses Page. If a service is down on that page it means NXTCRAFT, as well as all other 'online' servers will be down. If everything is online on that page, something may be wrong with your internet connection or Minecraft client.

Someone griefed my building! Help!

If someone has griefed a building that you have made. You can submit a ticket by typing /helpme. Only use the ticketing system for griefs!

How can I become a Moderator on NXTCRAFT?

We look for mature dedicated players to help us out in game. If you think you suite the role, you can submit a moderator application here. When we need moderators we will look through them. Don't ask for special permissions, or about your application in game as it will decrease your changes. Annoying us with these kinds of questions can lead up to a ban.

Am I allowed to have Client-Mods on NXTCRAFT?

Non-Cheating mods are allowed. OptiFine, Minimap or TMI is allowed. Transparent texture packs, xRay, FullLight and Hack Clients are not permitted.

Is there any way I can help support NXTCRAFT?

You can purchase Premium Ranks, Special Permissions, Rare Items, and more at our eShop. Our eShop is located here. Your purchases help support NXTCRAFT and keep it running. :D

Can you help me with my own server?

I really like helping players out with their new servers, but you'll probably get way more help on community forums! If you need help on your server, there are thousands of players waiting to help you at Do not discuss about other servers on the NXTCRAFT chat.

I'm interested in Partnering or Advertising with NXTCRAFT

We are looking for partners and advertisers! If you are interested, send us a formal email to [email protected]

Can you write me a custom plugin?

Please contact me at my Bukkit Dev account for custom plugins.